CSI: Grounded - Online Escape Room Experience



£20 GBP
$24.50 USD (approx based on current exchange rate)
€22.50 EURO (approx based on current exchange rate)

The price includes up to 8 players to play the game, this is the total cost. No extra payment required!

Online Murder Mystery Themed Escape Room Experience
Players - 1-8 (across one or multiple locations)
Age - 10+ if playing with family
Time - Approx 1-2 Hours
Difficulty - Medium-High Difficulty
Compatability - Laptop/PC is best, tablet and phone also suitable

This is a fantastic web based game you can play at home, solo or with a group. Includes audio, video and visual files which are gradually unlocked as you solve your way through the exciting and fiendish puzzles to find out who killed Avery Stone.

Can you find the killer?

Based on our extremely popular CSI: Fatal Flight game, this adapted version is perfect for getting your fix of The Panic Room while you are grounded.

Upon purchasing you will receive your teams login details via a download link which you can all use to login from multiple locations and devices including Phone, Tablet and PC and you can play whenever you want 24/7.
Communication is recommended via Facetime, Whatsapp or Zoom
No printer required, just an internet connection!

1. No printer required!
2. Play on Laptop, tablet or phone
3. Play multiple times across multiple devices and locations across the world
4. Communicate with your team via Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp
5. When you purchase you can play any time after, your code doesn't expire
6. Clues are available inside the game if you get stuck
7. No time limits, play till completion, not just 60 minutes!
8. The price is for the whole group, not per person

Please note - Some of the games have multiple audio sections which may not be suitable for those HOH or deaf
Some puzzles include the use colour which may cause difficulty to players with colour blindness.

Terms and conditions:
CSI: Grounded is a digitally delivered game and as such once delivered we will not offer refunds.
Please note - Due to peak periods Fri & Saturday 7-10pm you may experience some slowdown or downtime depending on your connection.