Due to being a live technical service we wanted to ensure full transparency of any issues or updates. We are committed to be consistently improving and upgrading our services and experiences.

If you experience any issues with our website or experiences please
contact us: 
dontpanic@thepanicroom.net or contact our live chat

Mobile users are still having minor issues with Mansion Impossible due to the interactive elements, we therefore recommend using a laptop/pc + chrome browsers as the best thing to use to play until resolved.

Coding updates to Mansion Impossible & Mainstage Mayhem have been added to assist with some phone/tablet users having issues.

We came to the end of a very successful launch weekend for 2 brand new games, thanks to optimization updates even at peak times people were able to play games without disruption across all 5 games.

All 3 games have had further optimization done to ensure faster loading even during peak periods and are now running a lot quicker.

Minor upgrades/changes to CSI:Grounded installed to the finale.

Due to an external issue with our delivery system there was an issue with delivery of CSI: Mafia Murders and CSI: Grounded. If you purchased either game before 9pm GMT on 24/4 and haven't received your login passwords, please contact us and we will get this resolved instantly for you.

CSI: Mafia Murders - Temporary downtime 2-2:15pm GMT to introduce game updates/improvements

My Dearest Emily - Temporary downtime 3-3:30pm GMT for optimization of loading times. Loading times now reduced by 50%